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Well met Elf,

I am The Dream Keeper, nay nay not the Lord of Secrets himself, not Morpheus. Just an old man. I have been waiting for you. You see along time ago far from this world I met a man who wasnt there, he wasnt there again today, I wish I wish he would go away.... I am sorry lass, my mind is not what it once was.

Come sit down, I shall tell ye a tale.

What, ye say, ye have nay the time for tales. Lass there iis always time for a tale. (The old man winks at you)

Now where to begin.... ( the old man looks at you, though it is not you he is seeing. He is seeing something far off, another time, what wonders has this frail old man seen, and what has brought him here waiting for a chance meeting with you...)

Ahh! ( snapping back to clarity the old mans face becomes animated) I remeber, Lass forgive me old mind, often does it wonder here and there. Yet the story must be told. Sit sit, ( he motions for ye to sit on the logg beside him)

Along time ago, in a land full of magic and might, there were to trolls. Nay lass not like the ones with warts and smelling of foul things. These were from the tribes south of Orgrimmar, on the Darkspear Isle. They were a barbaric race, always at war with one another. They were part of the Horde.

But alas not all of them were as thier kin. There were two, male and female. Both awsering the call of something deep, something more primal then the magic's of the Priests and the dark magic's of the Warlocks.
(The young female elf sitting beside the old man shivers)

Nay reason te be scared Elf, Thier story is one of Love and great friendship, and full of adventure, and now I shall tell you it all......
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